Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Reparatur hochgeöffneter Fizeau Objektive

Repair of High Aperture Interferometric FIZEAU-Optics.
HOFBAUER OPTIK MESS-Prüftechnik, Munich recently has repaired two of a few existing "historic" High Aperture 4"-Fizeau-Optics F-No. 0,51 of a worldwide operating German manufacturer.
The Problem has been a lot of Surface Defects on the Reference Fizeau-Surface (Radius 10,7, Diameter 21) and also the drop of the complete, glued Lens from the holder in one case.
Since the Manufacturer was not able to solve the Customer Problem in a cost efficient way, we startet some Recherches and a Reverse Engineering Project to get Manufacturing data for producing a Reference Lens with a negative hemisphere and more than a hemisphere on convex side (s.picture). Together with a consortium of 4 companies, we were able to Support the new lens (two pieces), to adjust it properly in the Barrel in 3 degrees of freedom (a few micrometers) to adjust Focus (cat's eye-) and Radius (confocal-position) better than a few micrometer and to certificate it better than 1/10 Wave @633nm and also 1/18 Wave.
Fizeau-interferometric Objective F#0,51 and Reference-lens